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Our Repair Process

The fluid end repair process begins once the module is received at our shop, with a visual inspection to see if the module can in fact be repaired or not. If there are no obvious cracks, the fluid end is cleaned to remove the remaining grease and debris. Once cleaned, the modules are sandblasted allowing for a more thorough inspection to be performed. The modules are thoroughly inspected for wear, wash outs, cracks, thread conditions, etc. A repair estimate will be submitted to the customer for approval. After receiving approval, the fluid end is restored to manufacturer specifications using precise welding and machining techniques. Once the fluid end modules have been machined, the modules will be inspected, tap the stud holes, lap the valve seats, grease the seal off areas, install all materials furnished, and paint the module. If the fluid end module is considered non-repairable, a quote to replace the module as well as pictures will be sent to the customer for approval.

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